Electronic commerce is popularly known as eCommerce. It is a term coined for any type of business, conducting buying and selling of products through electronic media such as the internet. eCommerce covers a wide range of businesses worldwide. It is one of the finest examples for the emergence of internet.

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Zen Cart is an open source free software written in PHP. It uses MySQL database and HTML components. This framework is used to maximize the potential of ecommerce. In addition, it also offers a wide range of templates that allow businesses to have quick and easy setup of their online store.

zen-cart ecommerce development

As eCommerce has emerged over the years, it has become essential for business to retain customers by providing the best possible online experience. The market is flooded with softwares promising of providing an array of features. At time business owners may get confused for selecting the best framework that fulfills their business need. An ideal eCommerce development framework keeps the visitor engaged and results in possible sales conversion. Zen Cart is the possible solution to these business needs. Over the years with the growing popularity of online stores, it has become crucial for online merchants to stay on the forefront of technological advancements.

This is where Zen Cart presents an array of features and benefits, which help businesses to get websites tailored as per their desire. Zen Cart is one of the most popular shopping carts. This software is capable of creating shopping cart and shopping portal for any websites having an online store.

In comparison to other promising softwares Zen Cart is easily installable and provides flexibility to manage things from the backend. The admin section is easily accessible without the need of any technical expertise. Moreover, its efficiency in template development, designing, payment gateway integration and theme designing, makes it a popular choice for business worldwide. There are numerous other features that make this software inevitable, these are –
  • Multilingual support
  • Multiple payment gateway
  • Options to display product attributes in various forms
  • Mets tags generation for search engines
  • Numerous customization features
  • Flexible and scalable
Many businesses globally have recognized the potential of Zen Cart for their online store. With the ever growing popularity of Zen Cart development, there are many professional companies providing designing and development services.

It is important to involve the experts for getting a customized online store developed. Hiring experts would enable businesses to transform their great ideas into reality. Every online visitor gives preference to an easy, well designed, and appealing web portal running on the internet. It becomes vital for businesses to provide consumers with a rich online experience and at the same time educate them about the products and services. An ideal development company offers following services-
  • Customized eCommerce solution
  • Templates and theme customization
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Website maintenance
  • Customized component development
Considering the numerous benefits and features Zen Cart offers, it is advisable to hire zen-cart developers to leverage the benefits of this robust framework.

If you are planning to achieve the objectives of your online store, then hire our expert developers to develop a fully functional and rich in feature online store.

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After months of practice and testing, PHP Developer finally adds Zen Cart web development services to its existing list. The leading offshore PHP development company, which provides its clients with web designing and development services in various robust PHP development frameworks, has been busy in mastering the tools and techniques of this platform. Its developers have been working on the platform so as to understand its working in a better way.

Through Zen ecommerce shopping cart service, the company would be able to serve its clients in a better way. After launching this service, one of the technical leaders of PHP open source development remarked, “There are several aspiring online merchants out there who are looking for pro Zen Cart development services. Adding these services to our list would help those aspiring merchants to set up their own online stores with minimum expenditure.”

Demonstrating the importance and usefulness of this online store management system, the tech leader said that Zen Cart has several features that make it all the more helpful for online merchants than other ecommerce development platforms. It houses dynamic features like combination of PHP and MySQL technologies, automatic detection of search engine spiders, multiple languages and currencies support and multiple ad banners controller.

The company says that the best part about adding these services is that its clients would be able to get more filtered services those are fit to meet their requirements. Just like all other services, this one also gives the clients the option to hire Zen Cart developer on a monthly, weekly or hourly basis. Currently, the company is providing the following services in Zen Cart development:

  • Customized Zen Cart ecommerce development
  • Templates and themes customization
  • Customized module development
  • Zen shopping cart customization and integration
  • Zen Cart site maintenance
  • Payment gateways integration
The company expects that Zen Cart will soon gain popularity with its existing clients, and it would also open new gateways for its growth and expansion. On the other hand, its clients would also be able to harness the power of its skilled workforce and maximize their ROI through efficient Zen Cart development services of the company.

PHP Developer is one of the best Zen Cart eCommerce Development company. Contact us at: http://www.phpdeveloper.com/ecommerce/zen-cart-development/

PHPDeveloper, an offshore PHP development company, is providing its clients with extensive range of X-cart development services that too at economical rates. The company that specializes in web designing and development in several robust PHP frameworks houses an extremely talented pool of X-cart developers who can provide customized shopping cart solutions to the clients in this framework.

hire dedicated x cart developerBecause of a rise in ecommerce sites, the online merchants are now looking for competent X-cart ecommerce web development services that can cater to their specific requirements. Therefore, PHP Developer is paying special heed to these services. Explaining the importance of X-cart development in India, one of the senior developers said, “Offshore countries like India has always been an affordable option for development of feature rich ecommerce sites. Therefore, we have extended our range of X-cart solutions for our clients.”

Right from the development of shopping cart to database migration, the company furnishes its clients with the following services in X-cart shopping cart software that address several requirements of online merchants:

  • X-Cart Custom Shopping Cart Development
  • X-Cart Template Design
  • X-Cart Module Development and Integration
  • X-Cart Payment Gateway Integration
  • Database Migration to X-Cart        
  • X-Cart Software Development
  • Maintenance and Support for X-Cart
The experienced developers of PHP Developer combine client-centric approach with these services that help them to work closely with their clients and at the same time, enable them to comprehend the needs of their clients in a better way. A senior project manager of the company reasoned the need of client-centric approach, “As the field of ecommerce development is changing, the needs of online merchants are also changing. Knowing their viewpoint and expectations helps us to provide them with the most profitable X-cart development solutions.”

The senior project manager also said that what set the company apart are its extremely affordable rates for X-cart development services. Further, PHP Developer also provide its clients with different hiring models under which they can hire dedicated X-cart developers who would work exclusively on their project. The company says that this one-to-one approach had proved to be more effective for their clients and has produced dynamic online stores built with X-cart software.

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Ecommerce development is one of the fully fledged trends of the web development industry. PHP has once again played a crucial role in uplifting this field to the next level by providing developers and users with plenty of useful development frameworks like Magento, osCommerce, etc. X-Cart is one such software that falls under this category and is considered as a powerful PHP shopping cart. Like most of the PHP frameworks, X-Cart too is loaded with features. However, here, we’ll have a look at the five extremely felicitous features of this framework that makes it so favorable for ecommerce development.

Hassle Free Setup
X-Cart provides a hassle free set-up and a very good support to its users. No programming knowledge is required as it has web-based installation wizard. Its web interface is extremely easy to use, and it comes with a complete store-builder package. Further, it also has a built-in self-upgrade engine and a sophisticated storefront system. It provides its users with free customer support, and its customers have free access to all its future releases.

Highly Customizable
One may say that nowadays, almost all frameworks come with customizable features. But, comparatively, X-Cart comes with a higher degree of customization. Right from design to templates, every desirable feature can be changed. It consists of a cent percent template-based storefront along with a CSS-based design and layout which is fully customizable. It even has customizable localization like multi-language, configurable currency symbols and dimension measurement units along with configurable list of provinces. It also provides a build-in template editor to edit, preview and restore templates along with customizable heading tabs.

SEO Features
This is a highly beneficial feature for aspiring online merchants who are looking forward for quick perks in the search engine rankings. X-Cart comes with SEO-friendly features under which a user can define custom meta-tags for each category. Further, users can also product catalog as static HTML pages for better search engine indexing and ranking. With proper utilization of these features, web pages of an online store can be indexed by the search engines.

Highly Secured

With the increasing rate of hacking in Internet, site owners are concerned about online security. Well, X-Cart comes with features that enable secured development and deployment of an online store. It has a password-protected administrative access. It gives real-time security notifications of failed login attempts. It also comes with an anti-fraud module that can be used to validate customers’ addresses during checkouts. For further security, it provides a backup pub system and strong Blow fish encryption for important customer data.

Efficient Customer Care
X-Cart has some great traits that ensure privilege of efficient services to the customers. It enables customers to browse and search personal order history. Customers can also carry out real time order tracking. Further, there is facility that enables buyers to disable checkout without registration as they can opt between express checkout and account registration. It also has password reminder for customers and provides them with the ability to change the order of products.

All these features can help an online store owner to gain positive reviews from its customers. But, in order to ensure good use of these features, you’ll need a proficient X-Cart shopping cart programmer who can customize your online store with the right features.
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